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Welcome to NeuroFormed Consulting

"Neuroforming" is short for neuroscience-informed consulting.

The neuroforming approach is to look at any given challenge from the perspective of the latest neuroscience research and then applies these insights in a way that ALWAYS delivers.


Whether you want get more out of your own brain - to be more influential in how you communicate, make better decisions, foster a more creative process - or improve productivity in your whole workforce, Neuroformed Ltd has a long track record of adding significant value.

We use science to find solutions to any business problem and with more than a decade of experience applying the wisdom of the brain to the needs of partners from a wide variety of different industries, NeuroFormed Ltd can provide the flash of insight you need to get noticed and be more competitive your sector.


We work with academic and industry partners to design original scientific studies that help to solve difficult business challenges, even publishing the results in peer-reviewed science journals.

That said, in our experience, the answers to your questions are usually already out there; buried deep in the existing academic literature. You just need someone to cut through the scientific jargon, dig out the pearls of wisdom and extract the business intelligence that you need from the published research.


Once these insights have been uncovered, we then communicate them in plain English, in the form of reports and presentations for stakeholders behind the scenes or, if required, in the context of live appearances on radio, television or LinkedIn Live.


Few consultancy firms can offer the ability to leverage decades worth of psychology and brain research to help you find solutions to your problems, let alone create custom-built scientific studies worthy of publication in peer-reviewed science journals.

We also provide neuroscience-informed negotiation training, creativity workshops and are always happy to put together bespoke professional development packages to help you and your staff to thrive in an increasingly tricky business climate.


When it comes to sharing scientific insights with any audience, no matter how large or small, only NeuroFormed Ltd can offer the services of a managing director - Jack Lewis - with a PhD in neuroscience and 15 years worth of experience presenting TV series, documentaries, radio, podcasts and keynote speaking engagements in the UK, continental Europe and the USA.

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