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Professional Services

Over the years we've worked with Deloitte on half a dozen separate projects.

It started out in the moat of the Tower of London, with an appearance at an event for Deloitte Real Estate. The aim was to point out how an understanding of how the structure of the human brain enables its highly efficient and high powered functionality can inspire better methods of harnessing the true potential of a vast, multidisciplinary, international company like Deloitte.

A couple of years later Deloitte Audit was preparing to pitch for the global Tesco auditing account. They brought Neuroformed Ltd in to provide some pitch training that helped them make a better impression than all the competition to win this valuable contract simply by harnessing knowledge of how human brains reach economic decisions. This focused primarily on the practical application of insights from a branch of neuroscientific research known as neuroeconomics.

On the basis of this success, Neuroformed Ltd were invited by the Head of the Central Europe Audit business to give a similar talk in Croatia the following year.

A senior member of staff from the Slovenia office in  attendance at the Croatia talk invited us back the year after that to give another talk, this time on the topic of the Science of Creativity.

Believe it or not, a member of staff in the audience at that Slovenia talk then invited us to Slovakia the following year for a repeat performance in front of an audience of female Board Members from a broad range of large companies.

Getting invited back to work with our clients over and over again is, happily, a fairly regularly occurrence which bolsters our conviction that our neuroscience-informed approach to consultancy services is deemed extremely valuable by our clients.

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