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Bathroom Designers

In early 2018, NeuroFormed Ltd was invited to participate in a series of online films for Geberit designed to frame the bathroom as a Sensory Space that can be used as an oasis of calm in which to escape the world and take steps to reduce our stress levels.

Filming took place in a beautiful bathroom showroom one snowy day in Burnley.


Our proposition that the bathroom is a truly multisensory space is self-evident given visual stimulation from bathroom furniture, the sound of running water, the smell of scented soaps, the taste of toothpaste and the touch of water on skin.

NeuroForming ahead of this particular project involved identifying neuroscience studies that we could leverage to support the idea that using the bathroom as a place to engage in a bit of "digital detox" leaving our devices outside the door in order to actively reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

The climax of this activity was a live interview on BBC Radio 2 on the Chris Evans show where our MD, Jack Lewis (Ph.D.), outlined the negative impact our ditigal devices have on our brains plus several strategies we can all use to reduce the degree to which technologies add to the burden of a busy lifestyle. Chris enjoyed the chat so much that he invited us to participate in a second live interview the following day, which meant that Geberit got two separate "namedrops" on consecutive days reaching an audience of around 10 million not once but twice!

This wasn't the first time Neuroformed Ltd worked with a leading bathroom design company.


A few years earlier we were engaged by Ideal Standard to present the findings of a study they had conducted into the intimate relationship between form and function of household products at a major industry exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.


Specifically, the research conducted across several European countries revealed that functionality fundamentally impacts on the perception of an object's aesthetic value.

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