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Broadcasting Giants

Over the past few years ITV Global set out to do everything in its power to make ITV the world's most creative broadcaster.


NeuroFormed Ltd has been a core part of this process since the outset.

In 2014, we consulted with their leadership development team to put together a comprehensive program with the Science of Creativity at its very core.


A dozen simple brain hacks that people can use to crank up the performance of their own brain on a daily basis were delivered to the entire senior leadership team in combination with a variety of neuroscience-informed tactics to increase the incidence of finding innovative solutions to their most challenging problems.

This was followed up by a workshop that took attendees through the BrainShake - an approach to enhancing group creativity that is supported by empirical research.

The event went so well that we were subsequently invited to give the same talk at the ITV Studios annual creativity workshop which took place in Germany the following year.


After the huge success of that event the Managing Director of ITV Germany invited us to return later that year (on the basis that US TV executives are impossible to impress, yet the MD of ITV in L.A. was overflowing with praise for our session!) to give the talk at her annual offsite meeting at a beautiful chateau on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

There we learned that the Head of Development for ITV Germany had been using the BrainShake in his creative sessions to great success, having noted a significant improvement in engagement and productivity.

In 2017, we then returned to ITV headquarters in London on three separate occasions, plus two more events in Salford, Manchester, to share the Neuroscience of Creativity with ITV Global's entire middle management team.

We are genuinely thrilled that ITV have found our talks and workshops so useful. We are looking forward to returning once again to complete the task by running sessions with their junior management teams.

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