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Using Virtual Reality to Do Business Better

Over the past few years we've been working hard to lay all the ground work necessary for getting an exciting new product ready for market. And we are excited to announce that we're now ready to launch Brain Man Virtual Reality Consulting (or Brain Man VR, for short).

We are specifically aiming at small to medium sized enterprises (SME) who are interested to understand how virtual reality can help them do business better in the 21st century.

We come to your offices armed with virtual reality (VR) headsets, preloaded with the software you need to collaborate with your colleagues whether working from the office or from home, and give you training in how to get your VR meetings and presentation up and running.

We also demonstrate our own VR team building applications that enable you and several other members of staff to interact with our bespoke virtual environments and each other in a way that brings Team Building and Professional Development into the modern age.

After a two hour interactive training session you will have learned the basics of how to use the headset to run your own presentations and meetings in virtual reality. And depending on how confident you feel at that point, you can either carry on under your own steam, or we can remotely facilitate your first few meetings and presentations to help you build your confidence using the technology before we leave you to your own devices.

Either way, once you each have a headset, we can continue your professional development with a monthly keynote brain talk from our founder and managing director, neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis, with a range of topics to choose from. Dr Jack has given these extremely popular and useful talks at business conferences all over the world and now you and your colleagues can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home or office.

Attending events through VR is more convenient, less expensive and better for the environment than being there in real life, so while we're not suggesting that meeting up in virtual reality is better than real life, it is much much better than meeting via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the various other videoconferencing options. Why? Because you feel physically present in the same room as your colleagues rather than everyone being represented by a glitchy, low resolution, postage stamp-sized image on a flat screen.

Keynote talks that you might wish to bring into your VR world include: Using Neuroscience to make Better Decisions, the Science of Creativity and Innovation, SYBO Brain Optimisation Principles, Empathy and Unconscious Bias and a brand new talk on Motivation and Leadership.

We're also developing a brain training game or two that we are currently providing with each headset for free, in return for your candid feedback on what you think of it and in particular your suggestions on how to make the experience even more enjoyable. We'd also be happy to build interactive experiences for VR that suit your own needs so, if this is of interest, please do mention it when you get in touch.

So, if you'd like to arrange a quick, 20 min chat with our founder about the various ways we might be able to supercharge your business using Virtual Reality, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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